Turks and Caicos Food Guide

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

After the holidays, my family and I visited Providenciales, Turks and Caicos for a relaxing, food-filled, tropical vacation that was sheer perfection. Below are some pictures of island foods that filled my belly and made the trip even more perfect.

View from my ocean-front room.

Grits, bacon, and hashbrowns from the breakfast buffet.

For the week, I stayed at the gorgeous Seven Stars Spa & Resort. The resort is located on the beach rated most beautiful in the ENTIRE WORLD and it was like heaven. The water was the clearest I've ever seen and the sand was like powder without a single shell. Besides chillin on the beach all day, I also spent a lot of time at the resort's two restaurants. Every morning, they serve a FREE breakfast buffet that is actually so delicious. I always got an omelet from the omelet bar and a big helping of fruit and, of course, potatoes. They also offer a local dish at the breakfast buffet which is always fun to try! There are also menu options, but why pay when it's free?!

Above are more pictures of the delicious meals I ate on site at Seven Stars. The first picture shows the perfectly crispy bbq yucca fries they serve by the pool. The second picture shows the chocolate and espresso martinis we made at the bar during the cocktail mixology class they offer once a week. The third picture shows the yummy fish tacos and sweet potato fries they bring out to the beach. The fourth picture shows the show-stopping pea and asparagus risotto from the dinner appetizer list. The fifth picture shows the lobster pasta with garlic, olive oil, and chili pepper flakes. This sauce was tasty but I recommend trying the lobster pasta with the Alfredo sauce!

Who would have thought that Turks & Caicos would have such a great brewery? Providenciales has an on-island brewery that is a fun tourist spot if it's raining. They make really great beers that kind of resemble a Bud Light (which is my fave, yes I know I'm basic). I definitely recommend trying this local drink!

Just like the surprisingly good beer on the island, Turks & Caicos also has surprisingly good Italian food at every turn! Seven Stars had delicious Italian on their dinner menu, but the real stars are Bella Luna and Lupo. The top two pictures show the homemade lobster ravioli and carbonara pasta from Bella Luna. I am head over heels in love with both! The restaurant was so good that we went twice! They had a huge menu of yummy pastas and each one is almost better than the next. Bella Luna is an island staple and you definitely need to make a reservation. Also, Lupo has classic, homemade Italian dishes that hit every craving you have. We rented the bikes from the resort to ride around town and stumbled upon this tiny eatery lodged in a strip mall. The bottom two pictures show homemade orrechete pasta and prosciutto pizza. It's such a fun restaurant that looks just like family owned restaurants in Italy!

Our last night at the resort was filled with happy memories but a tang of sadness as we prepared to head back to cold weather. The restaurant at the resort knew it was our last night and brought out this adorable truffle dessert to celebrate our stay. How cute and thoughtful is this?! We loved every single moment at Seven Stars Resort and Spa and, even though we usually have complaints, we couldn't think of a single one. Our trip was filled with snorkeling, tanning, swimming, and of course lots of food. If you're looking into taking a tropical vacation you'll never forget, I 110% recommend the beautiful Turks & Caicos, and especially Seven Stars Resort and Spa!

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