The Surprising Spots for a Yummy Lunch

Looking for a spot to eat while you're out and about alone on the town? Grocery stores, believe it or not, have the perfect place for a solo-lunch when you've got 1,000 things on your to-do list!

Eating out when you're alone can be kind of awkward, especially if you don't want a drive through meal. I experience this all the time when I'm running errands and my belly starts to rumble but I want something on the healthier side. Could you believe that some of my favorite lunch meals are at the grocery stores where I'm shopping?

When I started full on adulting, aka when I got my license and drove around town all day, I started to notice that no one really eats out alone. At college, it's totally normal to eat at a dining hall solo, especially if you're doing work. But, if one of my random high school acquaintances saw me eating out alone in my home town, they'd totally think I was a loser with no friends. So, I began grabbing lunches at the grocery stores I shop at and my life has changed. Also, when I'm out and about, I don't love getting lunch at drive-throughs because my meals always end up being like 2,000 calories and that's not the best choice!

Anyway, not all grocery stores have great lunches, but the ones I shop at (Publix, MOM's Organic, Whole Foods, and Wegmans) do. And, let me tell ya, these lunches are actually some of my favorite meals. I actually crave a MOM's salad when I haven't had one in a while and the other night I had a dream about a Publix sub and I woke up starving. Soooo, below is a list of the grocery stores with great lunches that I've tried! I totally recommend these meals when you want something healthy and are on the run.

MOM's Organic Market

Another health foods store I shop at is MOM's, which has honestly, genuinely changed my life for the better. All of their products, whether food, clothes, or cleaning supplies, are good for the environment and I love supporting their mission. They have a wonderful "Naked Lunch" with tons of healthy meal options. I liiiiiive for their vegan Caesar salad dressing and I drown all of my food in it. I'm not even vegan and it's the best salad dressing I've ever had. I usually get their salads, which I make with tons of ingredients from their salad bar, but their black bean burger is a real star. It comes with cheese and guac on a warm toasty bun. Just thinking about the burger makes me hungry!

Whole Foods

Not only is Whole Foods this OG of healthy grocery stores, but they have a phenomenal lunch spread for shoppers. They have a sushi, pizza, sandwich, and deli section alongside a massive salad & soup bar. Not to forget the real star of the show- the hot foods section. There's always amazing Indian, Italian, and American foods to fill up your belly. Yesterday, I got the fresh veggie sushi and five-bean chili. Such a weird combo, I know, but it was low in calories and filled me up. It was so good and I didn't feel weird at all eating in their dining area because everyone else was alone too!


Simply put- if you know you know... Publix has an ICONIC sub sandwich, otherwise known as the PubSub. When we all come home for break from college, we immediately grab a PubSub. It's really that good. The favorite is definitely the buffalo chicken PubSub, which is just buffalo chicken tenders (the good Publix ones) on a sub. It doesn't sound very groundbreaking, but it's truly a masterpiece. But, the buffchick PubSub is a treat and I usually get just a veggie sub on Publix's delicious seed bread. It's pretty healthy, superrrr fresh, and cheap! I love munching on it when buying my groceries because I feel super productive!

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