The Power Couple Dominating 13th Street

The transformation of 13th Street in the heart of Philadelphia has been nothing short of wonderful, all thanks to Chef Marcie Turney and her partner Valerie Safran.

Turney and Safran have purchased various storefronts lining 13th Street in Center City and have curating a long list of restaurants and shops to enhance the foodie-culture of Philly. No matter if you've lived in the city for years or if you're just visiting for the weekend, Marcie and Valerie's businesses will always offer something new and exciting that is guaranteed to tickle your tastebuds and leave you with a wide smile.

Although I have not had the honor to visit each of their businesses, I have eaten at Barbuzzo and Little Nonna's, and I've shopped for gifts at Verde.

First and foremost, Barbuzzo has the most exquisite, delicious menu in Philly with an abundance of fresh, traditional Italian meals. From the meatballs to the pizza to the pasta, everything was simply devine. Truthfully, it's hard to mess up Italian food, but Barbuzzo has perfected it. I literally cannot wait another second to visit again!

After eating at Barbuzzo, I walked a few steps and stumbled upon Verde. This little boutique with couture chocolates, hand made jewelry, and gifts for everyone I know. I had a hard time not buying every single thing they sold, and I settled for a unique pair of earrings and an opal bracelet. I could spend my entire paycheck at this place so warning: you must have some serious will-power to shop here! Also, their Philadelphia themed chocolates are so freaking cute I can't handle it!!!

Lastly, I visited Little Nonna's during Philly Restaurant Week this fall and had the most wonderful experience. The restaurant is quaint and cozy, just like every restaurant I went to in Italy. I was lucky enough to sit in the courtyard and enjoy my meal in a beautiful golden hour light. By ordering from the special restaurant week menu, I was given cheese-stuffed meatballs over pollenta (which is so underrated in my opinion), a beautifully cooked lemon chicken with melt-in-your-mouth potatoes, and an apple crumble for dessert.

Also, I ordered a lemon cocktail which was so amazing I couldn't even taste the vodka in it. This SHOOK me because all my college life I've only drinken cheap vodka that burns your throat and tastes like hand sanitizer. Is this what being an adult is like? Can alchohol actually be good? The answer to both is obviously yes according to Little Nonna's!

Cocktails in the courtyard of Little Nonna's.

Based on my experiences at Barbuzzo, Verde, and Little Nonna's, Marcie and Valerie hit the nail on the head with each of their endeavors. I am so excited to keep supporting them and try their other restaurants including Bud & Marilyn's, Jamonera, and Lolita. Keep up the great work ladies!!

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