The Meatless Monday Movement

One of the easiest steps to decrease your carbon footprint and to save the planet is by limiting your meat consumption! Join us at @EvieNeedsToEat by participating in Meatless Mondays!

Did you know that meat production plays a massive role in human-made climate change through water use, land transformation, and gas emissions? Here are some stats to influence you to join us in Meatless Mondays:

  • Global livestock production creates more greenhouse gas than ALL global transportation

  • It takes 425 gallons of water to make just ONE 1/4 pound beef burger

  • You could power your phone for SIX months with the same energy required to produce just ONE 1/4 pound beef burger

Participating in Meatless Monday is a super simple step in saving the planet, and it's so easy! Specifically, restaurants do not usually use sustainably-sourced meats and seafoods so not ordering items with those additions enhances your positive impact! Also, if you have a tight budget, Meatless Monday can save you some big bucks since meaty meals cost more than meatless ones! There is literally only pros to Meatless Monday!!! Remember, Meatless Monday meals can still include eggs and dairy. Below are some delicious meatless meals perfect for Meatless Monday. Be sure to tag us @evieneedstoeat in your Meatless Monday pics!

Breakfast: Eggs & veggie breakfast bowl - donuts and cinnamon roll - crepes - pancakes - donuts - avocado toast

Lunch: Veggie tacos - cheese quesadilla, salad, and smoothie - salad - açaí bowl - grilled cheese

Dinner: Mozzarella sticks - veggie stir fry - sweet potato fries, veggie chili, avocado & corn salsa - pizza - pasta - ramen

Dessert: popcorn - cookies - cookie dough bar - ice cream sandwich - ice cream - another ice cream sandwich because you can never have too many - milkshake - rolled ice cream - chocolate stuffed churros - cookie cake - banana pudding - macarons

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