STOP! Don’t Eat That Fish!

With so much talk about plastic pollution in the ocean and the great plastic straw debate, America is missing the important facts. Many people don’t know that our oceans are primarily polluted with fishing equipment, like nets, rather than our Starbucks straws. Even though eliminating our single use plastics and straws is a MAJOR step to sustainability, we need to address sustainable fishing and confront the fishing industry immediately.

One of the best ways to positively impact the environment and decrease plastic in the oceans is by eliminated seafood from your diet. If you’re not ready to say goodbye to fish, then just start eating sustainable sourced seafood! One easy way to eat sustainable seafood is to encourage your favorite restaurants to start sourcing ocean-friendly fishers. Restaurants want to care for their customers, so if they learn that their customers care about sustainable seafood, they are likely to make the change! One of my favorite restaurants that only serves sustainable seafoods is Luke’s Lobster. This restaurant serves lobster rolls, lobster soups, and other seafood fare that you can feel good about. Not only is it better for the environment, but they also have INCREDIBLE happy hour deals with free beer!

Another easy way to eat sustainable seafood is by shopping sustainably. Grocery stores like Whole Foods and Mom’s Organic Market only carry certified sustainable seafoods. Sometimes the switch to sustainable food may be difficult, confusing, and more expensive, but it is what our planet needs. We cannot continue contaminating our waters with plastic, or else there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. We need to act now so our future generations can continue living healthy, peaceful lives filled with lobster rolls.

To learn more about sustainable seafood, check out this website!

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