South Dakota: Under Canvas' Underrated Food

Over the summer, I trekked to South Dakota for the camping but fell in love with the food.

Under Canvas Personal Tent

I can now confidently say that South Dakota is the most underrated state out of all fifty. With rolling hills, a massive cave system, roaming bison, the badlands, and Mount Rushmore, South Dakota has so much to offer for the nature lover (like me). But, Keystone, SD also has food that is out of this world. Unfortunately, I was on the keto diet when visiting (worst decision of my life) so all of the food I ate was low-carb, but still delicious!

I stayed at the Under Canvas camping site in Keystone. Each party get their own personal ~glamping~ tent, which is basically like staying at the Ritz-Carlton of all camp grounds. Under Canvas also has an incredible kitchen with healthy options that started my day out on the right foot.

Since I was out hiking all day, I really only ate at Under Canvas for breakfast and dinner and packed a lunch for the road. There was a huge menu that offered tons of options for each time of day. For breakfast each morning, I got a medley of roasted veggies topped with a perfectly fried egg. This was such a healthy, low-carb meal that gave me so much energy to explore the unpaved paths of this great state. And, for each dinner, I ordered a flounder that was seasoned to perfection atop asparagus and other veggies. Melted garlic butter and lemon drizzled over the fish and added the perfect flavors. I'm literally drooling thinking about it! Also, Under Canvas served a delicious bison burger, and when in Rome right?? In the state packed with wild bison, I became adventurous for once and ate a burger that changed my life. Bison burgers are super low in fat and high in protein- the perfect meat! I was so pleasantly surprised!!!

Thomas Jefferson's Original Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

Since I was on the keto diet, I wasn't able to have able to have too many yummy treats. But, while visiting Mount Rushmore, I stumbled upon the original vanilla ice cream recipe that Thomas Jefferson himself brought to America from France like a thousand years ago. Seeing everyone eat this ice cream in the hot summer sun tempted me so much that I had to break my diet and give it a try. And boy it was worth it!! This recipe calls for heavy cream, pounds of sugar, and even butter to make the most decadent, creamy, sweet, perfect vanilla ice cream I have ever had in my entire life. This ice cream might be the love of my life. Good ole Thomas Jefferson did a lot for America, but bringing this ice cream to the states might have been his most monumental (this statement can be controversial but I stand by it).

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