Robin’s Ratings: The Friendly Toast (4 christmas cocktails out of 5)

Tucked in one of the bougie districts of Boston, The Friendly Toast, a hole-in the wall chain lives up to its name and reminds Bostonians that there is never a bad time for a cocktail and breakfast.

King Cakes: Peanut, Banana, Bacon Pancakes

I hate winter. I hate winter like Ross hates the person who ate his Turkey Terrific sandwich. So getting me to leave the comfort of my warm couch, to brace the bitter wind of Boston rarely happens, but one doesn’t say no to free breakfast for dinner.

This past Wednesday Evie and I braved the cold, bundled in fur coats, and trekked the whopping 30 minutes into the city for a “Toast to the Holidays at The Friendly Toast”. After scurrying into most delightfully kitschy restaurant the Back Bay has seen in a long time, we followed the other influencers down the stairs to the “Boom Boom Room”, where trays of breakfast treats were surrounded by a pub winter wonderland.

Our first stop was obviously the bar. Now we’ve all met some cranky bartenders, they seem to be multiplying these days. The Friendly Toast bartender, forgive me I goofed on her name, might be the best bartender I have ever met. She makes a killer cocktail and even better conversation. She made us the three signature cocktails of the night, and after successfully trying them all twice, I stand by my ranking. In third place, “The Irish Red Eye” an irish whiskey, double espresso vodka, and Bailey’s Caramel cocktail, was the perfect wake-me-up drink. If you’re into espresso martinis this is a must do. The only reason this is at the bottom of my list is because one of them had to be. My runner up for the night was “Apple of my Pie”. This cocktail consisted of apple pie moonshine, cinnamon simple syrup, cranberry and bubbly. The drink, garnished with a cinnamon stick, was refreshing and not too sweet. Best of all, this drink will be a perfect addition to your holiday insta post. In first place, the “Nutmeg and Chill” was a knock-out. The Amaretto, birch liqueur, apricot liqueur, splash of orange and ginger ale, with a dash of nutmeg was a holiday upgrade to the classic mimosa. Unheard of, I know. It's the perfect addition to your holiday brunch and will add a pop of color to your insta story.

Evie and I, after securing cocktails, tried all the holiday treats and noms. Are breakfast egg rolls in your life? They should be gurl. If you love american chinese food, these scrambled egg, beef hash, kimchi slaw and swiss cheese with a dash of hot sauce “Breakfast Egg Rolls” are a savory breakfast must. I might have eaten an entire tray... While there was no holiday themed french toast in sight, Friendly Toast you missed opportunity there, the “You’ve got Cinna-Buns, Hun!” were the perfect sweet addition to the night. You can’t really go wrong with a pancake with cinnamon sugar swirl and creamy cheesecake glaze though can you?

At the end of the night Evie and I left full of yummy holiday cheer and already planning our next trip into our local Friendly Toast. If you’re in need of a new brunch spot, or haven’t stopped into The Friendly Toast in a while, add it to your list of restaurants for this season, even if it’s just for a festive cocktail, and a cute insta story!

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