Robin’s Ratings: Power Up Trail Mix ( 4.5 goji berries out of 5)

There are three types of girls in this world. Those that enjoy hiking, those that pretend to enjoy hiking to impress their boyfriend/girlfriend’s family, and those that drive up the mountain. You guessed it gurl, I’m a proud owner of that infamous “My car climbed Mt Washington” sticker.

That being said, I still rationalize buying trail mix. I’m a hard core midnight snacker, and trailmix feels a little less guilty than those low cal, high chemical, ice creams our fav celebs are stalking their fridges with. So when Power Up sent Evie a box of trail mixes I literally YAS QUEEN-ed. We love a friend that shares her free snacks.

Power up: Trail Mix

Power Up hooked their girls up and sent a box load of their different flavors for us to sample. They were all great, but “Goji Power” and “Antioxidant Mix” are high key the best. The “Goji Power” had coconut chips, walnuts, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, cashews and goji berries. Gurl, if your wondering what a goji berry is, join the club. Find you one though, cuz by the time I got halfway through the bag I was questioning where they had been all my life. The “Antioxidant Mix” is loaded with things like raisins, walnuts and blueberries, but its claim to fame is the dark chocolate chunks, and if you need more incentive than that we can’t be friends.

I rate Power Up Trail mixes four and a half goji berries out of five, they got all the yummy semi healthy goodness that will be the perfect addition to your late night snack, and make you look hella hikey on your Saturday jaunts around New England. My only grumble is that the packaging is not insta worthy, so grab your mason jar before you hit the trail, or the couch.

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