Philly’s Best Uber Eats Options

Uber Eats is a Philly resident’s newest super hero. Thanks to this app, we can now get the most popular restaurants’ foods delivered to us without leaving our couch.

During college, my friends and I would Uber Eats McDonalds all of the time. In my time of French fry bliss, I didn’t realize that Uber Eats had so many gourmet options. Now, as an adult in the real working world, I once in a while feel inclined to use Uber Eats to order some fancy food. There’s nothing so perfect as eating five star meals in your pajamas while binge watching Parks & Rec. Here is a list of the fanciest, yummiest, most famous restaurants available on the app:

AMAZING mac n cheese from Mac Mart!

  • El Vez

  • Pat’s King of Steaks

  • Geno’s Steaks

  • Parc

  • Continental

  • Mac Mart

  • Marathon Grill

  • Butcher and Singer

  • Honest Tom’s Plant Based Taco Shop

  • Chestnut Street Philly Bagels

  • Beiler’s Donuts

  • Sweet Charlie’s

  • Umi

If you don’t see what you’re craving on Uber Eats, be sure to check out the Philly food delivery app/website Caviar!

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