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I love trying new places in and around Boston and when I find a particularly spectacular gem, I have to shout it from the rooftops! Last week I headed over to Semolina's Kitchen and Bar with my ultimate plus one and foodie friend: Sabrina! Check her out on yelp (she's ~elite~) and read her review of our experience below!

This cute neighborhood spot has got some seriously delicious food. I stopped by last week and was consistently impressed by the warm and friendly service, fantastic ambiance, and most importantly, wonderful food.

For drinks, I got the Gulp Fiction and a glass of the Tempranillo. The cocktail was perfectly balanced, and the wine was a great complement to the food.

For food, we got the tomato and goat cheese pappardelle, carbonara, and crispy pancetta pizza. All of them were STUNNING.

The pasta, all made at Dave's Fresh Pasta, had the perfect chewy texture, and the sauces were creamy and decadent without being heavy. The pizza crust had its own wonderful flavor and was thin while still holding weight. The balsamic drizzle and pancetta has the perfect contrast of salt, fat, and acid.

Lastly, I had the most incredible bread pudding of my life. I'm still thinking about it.

Incredible quality food and quality people--I'm a loyal fan!!

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