LOVE Food Trucks? Visit LOVE Park!

You may have noticed that LOVE Park has gotten a few renovations! Philadelphia Parks and Recreation has worked tirelessly to renovate the iconic LOVE Park to suit a very young, millennial, and fun city. One of PPR's newest efforts to enliven the park is to have food trucks visit from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the weekdays. So if you're like me and savor each moment of your lunch break, I recommend spending this holy time at LOVE Park!

Tamay chicken tacos

Each week day has different food trucks that sell the most amazing food. My favorite, among the many, is Tamay taco food truck. This truck, and their kind employees, serve up authentic and delicious tacos. Although great tacos are easy to find in Philly, Tamay has some of the best at the lowest cost.

I usually order the chicken tacos, that are stuffed to the brim with seasoned chicken and a fresh salsa. Even though I can usually eat five whole tacos before my pants get tighter, just two of these tacos fill me up! I highly recommend trying their spicy sauce on your tacos and sample some of their other foods, especially the empanadas.

Spending your lunch in LOVE Park gets even better with the live bands and board games available to enjoy. Also, on Wednesdays, you can watch couples get married under the LOVE statue! With the new events offered, LOVE Park is better than ever for your lunch away from the office.

Check out the complete list of food trucks and other events in LOVE Park here.

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