Healthy Gems of the Main Line

Lining Lancaster Avenue is a plethora of local restaurants from every culture you could think of. While some may say that the Asian cuisine reigns supreme, I would argue that the healthy spots are the real gems of the Main Line of the Philly suburbs.

Living in Bryn Mawr for the past few months has been such a blessing, especially because there are restaurants every 10 feet from my home. Unfortunately, this has decreased my incentive to cook homemade meals and I tend to eat out for nearly every meal. To make my outings a bit healthier, I frequent MOM's Organic Grocery Store, Bryn and Dane's, and SNAP Pizza.

MOM's Organic Grocery Personalized Salad

I just want to begin by saying that MOM's is the single greatest establishment in Philly. Not only do they have a massive recycling program and a wonderful, kind staff, but they offer a "Naked Lunch" menu that makes all your dreams come true. With an entirely vegetarian menu, there are options like a cauliflower steak, stuffed sweet potatoes, a sushi bowl, and a salad bar to create your perfect salad. I've had everything on the menu and each item is simply DELICIOUS. However, my favorite is the salad I've created and deemed a culinary master piece. I order a salad of spring greens, black beans, sweet potatoes, feta, and kalamata olives topped with the best Caesar salad dressing I've ever had (and it's vegan!). Also, this salad is usually $10 and is so darn big that it covers two of my meals! I order this so much that the workers see me coming in and start making it. I'm proud and embarrassed at the same time.

SNAP Pizza Cauliflower Crust Custom Pizza

A stone's throw away from MOM's is SNAP Pizza, which was actually rated one of the best pizza joints in Philly AND Pennsylvania! They just began serving cauliflower crust pizza and it is incredible. For someone who tries to eat gluten free for the majority of my food, this cauliflower crust is nearly indistinguishable from regular wheat crust. Also, SNAP has homemade mozzarella that is so delicious I could eat an entire pound. For my pizza, I get the minced garlic spread across my pizza then top that with their marinara sauce. I then top it with homemade mozzarella, pepperoni, olives, arugula, and chili-infused oil. This pizza is a gift from God, and once again I have created a meal so perfect I should be named after it. Should I start my own cooking show on the Food Network??? (Reply in comments if yes!) SNAP also offers salad options, which are apparently good, but if you get a salad at a pizza place I might have to call 9-11 on you.

Bryn & Dane's Lunch

Lastly, Bryn & Dane's offers "healthy fast food" that is actually so good and fresh. I am always suspicious of healthy fast food because it's usually containers of old lettuce and weird chicken. But, Bryn & Dane's has a whole menu of amazing junk foods that they've put a healthy spin on. I usually order a buffalo chicken quesadilla that doesn't come with the usual guilt of a traditional quesadilla. This comes with an amazing side salad too, which could be replaced with fries or other yummy sides. Also, their smoothies are so good that I have literally had a dream about them. My favorite is the one with chocolate, raspberries, and strawberries!

If you're on the Main Line and looking for a healthy bite to eat, I 10/10 recommend these three local eateries!

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