5 Foods Not to Order on a First Date

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Follow these quick tips to ensure a perfect date without any food-related troubles!

They have the date thing on lock, but maybe don't get the spaghetti...

It goes without saying that the impression you make on a first date has the potential to make or break a relationship with your new partner for ETERNITY.

With this in mind, it is absolutely crucial to analyze every aspect of how your perfect night is going to play out. Thoughts like: “How do I made my job sound more exciting than it is?”,  “Is my lipstick kiss-proof?” and “What if we run out of things to talk about?” will naturally be flooding through your mind on your car ride to your date.

With all of these nerve wracking questions in mind- we, at Evie Needs to Eat, feel it is our food-loving duty to at least tell you what food items to steer clear from based off of our own mistakes!

1. Spaghetti

Assuming you’re not straight off the boat from Italy, there is a high chance you still use a spoon to swirl your spaghetti up around your fork. (you’re not alone buddy.) Apparently, this method is only acceptable as a child, meaning that any adult doing using this technique looks like an uncultured swine! You don’t want your date to think you are uncultured! Don’t forget how easy it is to splash sauce on yourself, or even worse, on your date. Overall, Spaghetti is one of the most complicated foods to eat and should probably be avoided until you are forced to eat his grandma’s homemade recipe.

2. Something off the kids menu

We're all guilty of being “not that hungry”, and glancing over at the kids menu to see what’s going on. The pressure of finishing a whole entree, compared to smaller kid’s sized portion seems so tempting. Do not fall into this trap! There is nothing more embarrassing than being told by your waiter that you must be 12 and under to order your meal! If your date wanted to take you out for a kids meal, he would have taken you for a Mcdonald’s happy meal, where at least you get a toy!

3. Wings

Would you want to sit across from your date as they chomp their teeth into some spicy buffalo wings? NO. That orange ring of sauce around your mouth is not going to scream “Kiss me goodnight!”. However, it might scream “Waitress, can my date have some wet wipes?” Not a cute look on anyone!

4. The most expensive thing on the menu

This item could be steak, a lobster roll, or some trendy salmon special…whatever it may be, don’t be that date! A first date and a one year anniversary dinner are two very different occasions. It takes some serious guts to break your dates bank before you’ve established a special connection. So for now, stick to the chicken dinner, and save the filet mignon for date three... (at least!)

5. Salad

Salad is a notoriously safe choice to order on a date, so much so that it has gained a negative connotation when ordered on a date. “Is my date watching their weight?”, “Is my date boring?”, “Is my date not a total foodie, like me?” are all valid questions to ask when sitting across from someone who is eating a bowl of leaves.

While the list could go on and on, the safest bet is to look up the menu of the restaurant your going to, and plan some dinner ideas ahead of time! If your date likes you for you, maybe they won’t care if you splash spaghetti sauce on their new white shirt… then again, maybe they will! ;)

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