Egglettes- A R(EGG)volution​

I like to wake up at the last minute so I can get as much sleep as possible, but that means I always have to rush to make breakfast. Well, thanks to these cute little Egglettes, I can make a quick breakfast with less of a hassle!

Each year, my aunt and I exchange gifts and we challenge each other to gift the strangest, funniest gift we could find. This year, my aunt sent me Egglettes, which are these little, rubbery pouches that boil your egg perfectly. I, for one, spend the most part of my breakfast trying to crack a hard boiled egg gracefully, and now I don't have to. Now, I just crack an egg into the Egglette, let it boil, and it pops out perfectly! No more cracking the shell and wrangling your eggs!!! What I thought was a silly gift now saves me so much time in the morning. Let me be clear though, the Egglettes do not decrease cooking time whatsoever, it just lessens the time to crack and serve the eggs! If you love breakfast, or eggs in general, I totally recommend buying these silly little Egglettes to make cooking easier! I made a yummy egg breakfast sandwich in no time and it couldn't be easier. Check out my pictures of the Egglettes and my hard boiled eggs below! Also, this is not a sponsored post, I just really like these things and wanted to share with y'all! But, @ Egglettes if you're reading, have your people call my people lol.

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