Cheers! Wagamama's new cocktails had me on the floor

Haven't we all had that dream of walking into the restaurant and confidently saying to the waiter "One of everything, please?" Well that is the Wagamama experience. Let me set the scene, *cue dream sequence music* we're greeted by the manager who was on sabbatical from the UK at our Faneuil Hall Wagamama.

I would tell you his name if I hadn't blacked out from how attractive and British he was, and immediately forgot it. After letting us in the know on the friendly competition he has going with the other Boston locations (Namely the fresh new and trending Seaport location, as well as the recently revamped Prudential Center option) he then introduced us to his new cocktail menu by making. Every. Single One. I'm talking sake flights and mojitos that will make you forget you're in the heart of a Boston winter. Dare I say it, even the mocktail was fantastic! Where else can you find that? If you've never given sake a real chance I'd highly recommend this flight offering, our mystery waiter was kind enough to bring us the bottle of the unfiltered option to show us.

First up was the tuna tataki; think sushi without the carbs. These slices of heaven are everything you want in an app, seared to perfection on the outside and light textured soft fish. It was pair with the fried squid, but do not get fooled if you're not too adventurous, these are still a safe bet, reminiscent of calamari but without that rubbery feel that we all hate, these are light flaky and dainty, certified date night food. 

Next course we were in for some duck buns and a pad thai salad. Now I know what you're thinking, pad thai without the noodles what's the point? well you'll want to order a glass of this dressing to drink as a side. It is a dish that gives you all the satisfaction of a decadent pad thai but with room for dessert.

Which brings me to my favorite part of any meal. Now let me introduce you to your new favorite dessert item Banana Katsu! Let me explain, its a fried warm and gooey banana over ice cream and a caramel drizzle and all I can say was we were licking the bowl.

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