Burn Those Calories! Best Mainline Workouts

When my diet starts to include foods like this...

... I like to fill my schedule with fun workouts!

As a college student, splurging on workout classes can seem unnecessary. But, when you walk out of the class feeling like you're on cloud nine and just a little bit skinnier, it feels gooooood! My favorite workout centers on the Mainline, or suburbs of Philadelphia, include:

1. Soul Cycle

Soul Cycle is my favorite workout and truly nothing compares. I like to consider it a workout and therapy session in one. You leave feeling a bit sore, but you leave refreshed and happy! On average, I burn about 750 calories per session! I recommend checking the schedule for special song sessions that feature a special playlist with your favorite artists.

2. Bulldog Yoga

Bulldog Yoga is a special yoga studio that says "boy bye!" to traditional yoga. With a rockin' playlist and fast paced moves, you break a big sweat. Bulldog has a welcoming atmosphere, incredible workouts, and a real-life bulldog that joins you in savasana if you're lucky.

3. Focus Fitness

This studio is located right next to Qdoba, Snap Pizza, and Hope's Cookies, which is a fun treat after an amazing workout. The studio has hot yoga, HIIT classes, and spinning every day. If you like to switch up your workout, I 10/10 recommend Focus Fitness because they offer something new every day!

4. Incline

As one who hates being on a treadmill unless it's set to a walking speed, Incline is pretty tolerable for me. I will never like running because I don't think it's fun, but Incline makes my form of torture enjoyable and painless. If you're interested in running, Incline is the place for you!

5. Fly Wheel

Fly Wheel is like if Soul Cycle had a sister. They're similar and both great, but Fly is way more competitive. During this spinning class, you compete against yourself to reach your personal goals. If you don't like lovey dovey, wholesome, enlightening lessons (like the one Soul provides), then you gotta check out Fly.

6. Barre3

Barre3 is a challenging workout that makes you feel like the ballerina you probably wanted to be as a kid. Through pulsed movements with a barre, you burn calories and tone all of your muscles. It's super fun and the results are worth the pain!

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