Blackberry Mojito

Have you ever had a long week and realize its only Tuesday? Today is definitely one of those days for me. So nothing is better after a long hot day than coming home to a Mojito. Mojito's have a special place in my heart, maybe it's because they remind me of the parts of spring break I can remember or maybe its the fresh mint and full chunks of sugar that can be found in the bottom of your glass-- either way a mojito is one of my go-tos. However, it is so hard to find a decent mojito out in the wild and Bartenders HATE to make them (never forget Jax Taylor refuses to muddle). So I was so happy to discover Stirrings' simple mojito mix-- now I can have a mojito in the comfort of my own home where no one can pretend that they're "out of mojitos" and would you "like a beer instead."

Ingredients for one:

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-Cup of crushed ice

-3oz Stirrings Simple Mojito Cocktail Mix

- handful of fresh blackberries (set some aside for garnish)

-Mint leaves

-1oz of grenadine

-seltzer or soda water (a splash)

-Shot of rum (or two Idk what kind of day you're having)

-Stirrings Pomegranate Rimmer


How to make it:

-throw ice, mojito mix, blackberries and rum into the blender


-Prep glass by rimming with lime juice and dipping in the rimmer-salt mixture.

-Pour & Enjoy!

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