A Trader Joe's Healthy Haul

Trust me, I would eat out for every meal if I could. Unfortunately, eating out can add up. So to ball on a budget, I shop at Trader Joe's for inexpensive but healthy foods for my meal prep.

I've shopped at a fair share of grocery stores across the country, and while Wegman's holds the dearest place in my heart, truly nothing beats good ole Trader Joe's. Without a doubt, the prices are the lowest and they have the best frozen foods ever! My weekly receipts from Trader Joe's are usually a whopping $40 cheaper than when I buy the same stuff at Giant, Wegman's, or even Whole Foods. Also, they always have samples and there's free coffee. Literally nothing beats Trader Joe's and Joe might be my new bff. Not only is the food great, but I feel so trendy and cute when I shop there. Slide through the pics to see some foods I buy to save money and eat healthy!

Dr. Praeger's veggie burgers are so freaking delicious I could eat the entire box at once. They're super low cal, filling, and most importantly yummy. I totally recommend them especially with the cauliflower mash. Next, the cauliflower gnocchi has people ravingggg and it's for a good reason. Once you sauté up these babies, they're so tasty and you barely know they're gluten free. Lastly, the asparagus risotto is the perfect side for any meal. If you love risotto, you'll love this because it's so easy to make and super yummy!

The whole wheat slim rolls are my favorite part of my morning. I love toasting them up and mashing some avocado on top. To make my low-cal avocado toast even better, I sprinkle on the Trader Joe's everything bagel seasoning (not pictured). I also like to put these hi-protein veggie burgers on the buns. Even if they're a big high calorie, they're packed with protein and nutrients. If I eat one, I'm full for hours! Trader Joe's also has a bunch of super cheap essentials, like organic fruits, eggs, and butter. Even though the store doesn't have a lot of classic name brand, their brand foods are equally as good and way cheaper.

Out of all the things I buy at TJ's, this salsa is by far my favorite item in my cart. Now, I'm 21 and I still don't like eating tomatoes like I'm a baby. But this salsa is so dang good that I eat those tomatoes whole like a grown ass woman. It's the perfect amount of spicy and it tastes so so fresh. I always have a tub of this in my fridge and I think I've eaten it every day since I discovered it in August. If y'all like salsa, Mexican food, spicy foods, or just snacking, I give this a 10/10. Trader Joe's has so many amazing dips, sauces, and spreads to choose from that it's almost overwhelming to pick just one!

Not only does Trader Joe's have amazing, cheap foods, but they also have amazing, cheap not foods (is there a word for this?!) I liiiive for their moisturizing face masks, lotion, and candles. I get kind of suspicious about face masks because they never seem to make a big difference, but Trader Joe's face masks actually work and make my skin glow! Also, when I'm having a treat yo self kind of day, I buy a bouquet of flowers for my self. Their entire wall of flowers is gorgeous enough for an insta backdrop and is cheap enough to make me not feel weird about buying myself flowers! So, y'all, if you want to change up your grocery shopping experience and make it 10x healthier and better, hit up Trader Joe's next time!

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